Quiet Storms opened in May, and it's best described as a mix of Fifth Avenue's superluxe retail environment and Brooklyn's experimental, laid-back spirit. Inside, striking cuffs, double-finger rings, charm necklaces, and single earrings by Lia Di Gregorio, Sara Lasry, Lara Melchior and Delfina Delettrez are surrounded by plush, inviting furniture and Ivory draping.

French Vogue


Recently opened in Williamsburg, Quiet Storms promises to draw in Manhattan girls from the other side of the bridge with their one-of-a-kind earrings, ear cuffs and other graphic pieces, created by a new wave of jewelry talent.


Quiet Storms, a new Brooklyn boutique and e-commerce site, hit the ground running when it opened its doors this past May. What separates it from other jewelry retailers is its eye for jewelry's most modern and rule-breaking designers. The store itself is calming and challenges both the sterile look-but-don't-touch feel of high-end luxury stores as well as the twee anthropologie vibe of smaller boutiques. Quiet Storms falls somewhere in the middle; jewelry is displayed in glass cases or laid out on marble slats that are surrounded by walls draped in Ivory fabric and plush furniture.

The Stone Set


When we discovered the new jewelry store Quiet Storms, it felt like fate. Stylishly perched in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, the store carries a magic mix of many of the stone set's favorite fine and fashion jewelry lines, such as Kathleen, Hirotaka and Azlee.



This Brooklyn boutique is an oasis of calm in the busy city. In today's increasingly digital marketplace, retail spaces are often an aftertought. But when Reshma Patel set out to open Quiet Storms - a new fine jewelry boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - she knew design would be just as important as the curated selection of baubles on offer.

The Styleline


Ethereal, modern and one-of-a-kind, Quiet Storms is setting a new standard in how we think abou the role jewelry plays in our life and style. Speaking more to the above, simply visiting the quiet storms storefront is an experience in itself. Nestled in South Williamsburg, the airy boutique's plant-adorned corners and breathtaking communal table with encased pieces, ceramic, jewelry boxes and dainty mirrors (Reshma hopes that these inviting details will entice visitors to stay a while) are just a few of the elements tha make the shopping experience truly human.

Wall Street Journal


But pearls still exert an allure, and designers are not about to be bored by them. These designers have been busy deconstructing and reconstructing pear jewelry and, in the edgy, freewheeling desings they've wrought, pearls suddendly seem less like the demure ones worn by the neurotic vassar grads in "The Group" and more like what the cool girls of british band savages might don for a rocking show. I discovered this new breed of pearls at Quiet Storms, a boutique in Williamsburg, Brooklin.



Williamsburg's retail quotient was upped once more on Wednesday. Quiet Storms, a jewelry boutique opened its doors at 142 Grand Street. The moody, 800 square-foot parlor stocks pieces from an assortment of under-the-radar, international designers.

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