Collective Design Review

by Jessica Keenan

Quiet Storms Interior Designer, Jessica Keenan of Elizabeth Roberts Architecture, shares her favorite designs from the fair.


1. The pile on Bower's Zen Carpet Canopy in dusty-rose grows incrementally shaggier as it moves up the wall. I'm dying to see this morph into a canopy bed and develop patterns.

2. Allied Maker's new sculptural table lamp is sleek, with primary geometries in brass, a perforated shade and an opal glass diffuser. This design references the forms and palette of their other work, but has a bolder confidence. I'm really excited to see more from them.

3.  This glass vase was designed by Napoleone Martinuzzi for Seguso Vetri d'Arte in 1940, and was presented by Glass Past (NY dealers specializing in Italian art glass). Martinuzzi developed pulegoso glass; it's dense with thousands of bubbles that create a beautiful, molten texture. 

4. Fernando Mastrangelo's Drift mirrors are caked with dyed sand. Mastrangelo was previously working with Samuel Amoia as AMMA Studio, making cast cement stools with a similar lush, organic quality.

5. This smaller mirror from British designers Soft Baroque, emits a cloudy water vapor through two holes at the top of the mirror. The vapor is lightly scented; it kind of curls and wraps around you.

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