Sylvain Le Hen

from Paris ,
established in 2003,
by Sylvain Le Hen

Parisian-based hair stylist and accessories designer Sylvain Le Hen began his career in the world of hair, working with renowned stylist and fellow French woman Odile Gilbert. After working alongside her on fashion shows and photo shoots with clients such as John Galliano, Karl Lagerfeld, and Jean Paul Gaultier, Le Hen left in 2003 to launch his own line of chic hair accessories. His collections vary from whimsical, botanical combs to minimal barrettes, ponytail covers, and sculptural hair clips.

Jewelry by Sylvain Le Hen

Barrette 021

Sylvain Le Hen

58 $

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Barrette 023

Sylvain Le Hen

56 $

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