Sia Taylor

from Sommerset ,
established in 2008,

Sia Taylor is a rare breed of artisan. Combining classical Fine Arts training with a holistic and sensitive approach, her designs evoke an old-world craftsmanship achieved by hand forging and soldering. With a background in sculpture, Taylor approaches jewelry design with the same design process she employs with her art.

The label was originally founded with a deep reverence for the irregularity of the natural world and Taylor’s time spent living in Africa and Ibiza—tiny seeds in flowers, insect larvae and eggs, grasses and leaves. Walks around Taylor’s property inspire themes for her work: a tiny beetle, an injured crow, a skeleton of a leaf, an encounter with a fox... everyday wonders provide the inspiration that informs her approach to design.

Jewelry by Sia Taylor

Tiny Dots Arc

Sia Taylor

1170 $

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Sia Taylor

1500 $

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