Sara Lasry

from Madrid ,
established in 2010,

After several years of studying and working in the creative field in Paris and New York, Sara Lasry returned to Madrid in 2010 to launch her namesake line. She completed studies at the Instituto Gemológico Español and created her first collection, focusing on her now signature ‘Slim Jewelry.”

The idea was born from Lasry’s daily work with gems, where she would place gemstones between her fingers to view the colors they acquired on the skin. The result was an incredibly fine ring that enabled a jewel to seem as if were floating between the fingers. Since then, Lasry has branched into necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, but her aesthetic remains the same: an unexpectedly beautiful and ergonomic piece that is comfortable as it is surprising.

Jewelry by Sara Lasry

Gold Ball, Amethyst & colorless topaz

Sara Lasry

1107 $

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