from Montreal,
established in 2013

Launched in May 2015, ORA-C is a Canadian independent jewelry brand created by designer Caroline Pham. Caroline meticulously fabricates every piece by hand in her Montreal studio as unique wearable artworks. Her pieces are delicate yet bold, featuring striking color compositions. While Caroline finds beauty in the imperfections of the handmade object, her work is grounded in the value of good craftsmanship. Hand woven ropes, colorful beading, sculpted metals and multi-layered fringes don ORA-C’s ever developing collections.

"My ready-to-wear sculptural pieces are like mini paintings, enlivened by the person who wears them. I like to see my work evolve organically. It is an attempt to marry elegance with old craft, brilliant colors with simplicity, the exotic with my vision of modernity"

After growing up in Montreal and Hong Kong from a French Canadian mother and a Vietnamese father, Caroline spent 10 years in New York City where she graduated from Parsons the New School of Design studying illustration and industrial design. Since, she wore many hats as a creative freelancer for various projects in the film, art and fashion industry. She has worked a wide range of skills such as graphic design, model building, prop styling, art directing and film curating. With a fascination with color, mixing the use of eclectic materials and a passion for foreign art, through films, paintings and music, she slowly brewed her path to creating something of her own. In 2013, Caroline moved back to her hometown, Montreal, where she found the time and space to focus on her personal artistic intentions: creating a line of wearable artworks. ORA-C was born.

Jewelry by Ora-C

Isolde Silver


200 $

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