Lia Di Gregorio

from Milan ,
established in 1986

Lia Di Gregorio has created fine jewelry and precious ornaments since 1986. With a background in classical art, her inspiration stems from architecture, metal practices, and art in all its forms.

Always clean and sculptural, her designs play with different proportions while avoiding the understated. Gold, precious stones, pearls and metals are used to explore ideas, metaphors and signs. Hard metals are softened with a single hidden pearl and tough gold is loosened to appear as draping threads.

She also applies the hand-crafted techniques of embroidery and crochet by using a golden thread as if it were silk to stitch in raindrop sized jewels that appear to have sporadically fallen onto an ornament. She also offers up a new way to make jewelry; her creations start from small sketches that turn into patterns that are made of paper, wire and wax.

Jewelry by Lia Di Gregorio


Lia Di Gregorio

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