from Philadelphia,
established in 2017

Jameel Mohammed founded KHIRY in 2016 as an undergraduate studying Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania after being pointedly told by the CEO of a preeminent luxury goods company that true luxury brands could only emerge from European metropoles. Inspired by the African Diaspora, KHIRY is among the first luxury fashion brands to draw inspiration from outside of the Western world. With KHIRY, Mohammed channels the beauty, art, heritage and culture of the diaspora into modern, luxurious vermeil jewelry, with the ultimate goal of establishing a complete fashion house of accessories, shoes, and ready-to-wear.

As a new chapter of American political history is written, and people of color continue to face heavy-handed oppression, Mohammed hopes to elevate KHIRY into a position that can play a small part in illuminating the African diaspora in all of its strength and opulence.

Jewelry by Khiry

Khartoum Ring Nude Gold


280 $

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