Kathleen Whitaker

from Los Angeles, USA,
established in xxx,
by Kathleen Whitaker

Kathleen Whitaker launched her namesake line of handcrafted jewels in 2003. The label has become synonymous with simple, elegant, and geometric 14-karat gold designs (notably her original ‘staple’ and ‘sequin’ shapes), but is also beloved for the ‘stone collection,’ which features one-of a-kind, limited-edition pieces that combine semi-precious gemstones such as opal, mother-of-pearl, and aquamarine with the linear, modern shapes she is known for.

Whitaker is such a fan of natural elements; she also creates her own ceramics (which she studied at Newcombe College).

Inspired by the organic, elemental properties of nature and the balance of form and proportion that simple lines and construction deliver, Whitaker’s pieces are elevated and wearable.

Jewelry by Kathleen Whitaker

Strand Stud

Kathleen Whitaker

250 $

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