Beatriz Palacios

from Madrid,
established in 2011

Emphasizing quality, craftsmanship, and design, Madrid's Beatriz Palacios Jiménez became enamored with jewelry after an introduction to the fashion industry in Dublin following her graduation from Universidad Politécnica. With a degree in mining engineering, she studied technique and creation under professional jewelers while simultaneously working in her professional field. Inspired by plant and animal forms from the natural world, and the European art and design movements of the last century, she launched Beatriz Palacio in the winter of 2011. Each collection, unique in its vision and form, is unified by her handcrafted, distinctive style.

Jewelry by Beatriz Palacios

Drop Pearl Brooch

Beatriz Palacios

236 $

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Eyelash Pin

Beatriz Palacios

164 $

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