Justine Clenquet

from Paris,
established in 2010

Born from a desire to wear jewelry she couldn't find anywhere else, Justine Clenquet started her eponymous brand in 2010 at the age of 18. Inspired by underground culture and a mood of nostalgia rooted in the strong female singers, actresses, and models she admires, Clenquet creates pieces she herself wants to wear, while echoing the spirit and aesthetic of her muses. She opened her workshop in collaboration with Maisons de Mode in 2012, near her birthplace in Northern France. She first studied fashion design at ESAA Dupérré in Paris, and previously worked with Parisian fashion designers such as Baptiste Viry, Regina Dabdab and Emmanuelle Khanh.

Jewelry by Justine Clenquet

Kirsten Bracelet

Justine Clenquet

88 $

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